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Holman 42

Case Study #2

photo credit: Useful Waste Initiative


“Nesika Illahee” translates to “our home” in the local Chinook language and provides a symbolic and physical representation to this three-story, multi-family apartment building. Focused on serving the Native American community in collaboration with NAYA, the Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians, and Community Development Partners, this new construction project provides 59-units of affordable housing to the NE Portland community.

Through the design process, the architecture team included mock-up drawings within the Bid Set which included: floor plan, elevations, roof plan, and section. The project team discussed the donation of these materials from the Design Development (DD) phase and then the Owner reconfirmed its donation early Construction. The roof was omitted during the value engineering process due to concerns about the mock-up work being out of sequence with the larger building. The mock-up was also revised during Construction to include a section of storefront at the Contractor’s request.

The team continued the discussion throughout construction, where the Architect and Contractor discussed options for subcontractors to donate additional work, including, electrical rough-in, roof framing, and insulation. These items were not installed due to limitations with the primary building’s construction schedule. Exploring opportunities for pre-fabrication or modular interior pieces for coordination with the Contractor can assist successful material donation.

Mock-Up Drawings

drawings and permission by: Carleton Hart Architecture

Key Takeaways

Cost: Mock-up Allowance $15,000

Timeline: It is beneficial to include the mockup drawings in the drawing set prior to Bidding if not earlier, so that the Contractor and Subcontractor can review and understand the scope of work and associate a realistic cost to the work.

Scope of Work: It is beneficial to have a list of items outlining additional work/materials that could be donated by the construction team. These items include those that are outside the original scope of mock-up work, so that if during construction, the subcontractor or contractor are amenable to providing donated work/material, it is clear what can be provided per the guidelines.

Wood Platform: To provide more longevity and protection, the wood base could have been pre-fabricated with a wire mesh bottom and insulation within the joist cavity.

Construction Type

Wood frame construction

Project Type

multi-family Housing


Portland, Oregon


Carleton Hart Architecture (CHA)


LMC Construction

Conversion By

PSU student volunteers & the Home Builders Foundation




2017 - 2018

  • CHA advocates for material diversion

  • Project team sets goal to reduce waste and contacts CPID

  • Owner agrees to donate

  • Mock-up is viewed as a temporary structure with building permit


2018 - 2019

  • Project team fills out liability waiver

  • Mock-up built

  • Contractor maintains and protects mock-up

  • CPID team coordinates location and scheduling of conversion build


August 2019



  • Contractor coordinates transportation and delivery of mock-up from site

  • CPID coordinates conversion build

Project Timeline

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