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Get Involved

Share the program with others

Increasing awareness of the diversion initiative is the first step to shifting the industry's waste management practices.

Advocate for waste reduction goals & strategies

Advocate and set waste reduction goals on each project. Whether you are a client, architect, or contractor, you can establish waste reduction goals and strategies on each project.

Donate a mock-up or construction materials

Donating a full mock-up provides important materials and labor towards our smaller-scale community projects. 

Become a UWI firm liaison & lead the change 

Join us by attending a training session and learn how to successfully divert construction mock-ups. This includes education on how to discuss the initiative with clients and project teams, what benefits are included, design parameters, and pre-planning needs to have a smooth donation process. 

Volunteer with us

With each mock-up donation, we need volunteers to help with the mock-up conversion build to finish the interior and make the mock-up inhabitable.

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