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Halsey 106

Case Study #3

photo credit: Chris McDowell, HBA.


A mixed use project including retail, mixed-income residential units, and service center intended to act as a catalyst for the Gateway community adjacent to Discovery Park. It was a key piece of the Gateway Redevelopment Neighborhood plan.

Brought to the UWI program during construction, this project mock-up was an solid candidate for the program.

Mock-Up Drawings

drawings and permission by: Holst

Key Takeaways

Cost: Mock-up Allowance $15,000
Mock-up Location: Build your mock-up in an easily accessible location on the construction site, so when time comes to donate, you can access it without disrupting other construction work. On this project, the mock-up was built inside the parking structure, so it was unfeasible to remove the full mock-up without disassembly.

Coordination: Communicate expectations and logistics between contractor and architect frequently to ensure the mock-up can be transported in a single piece.

Pre-plan: Intent to re-purpose mock-ups needs to happen during CD design phase to ensure the mock-up is meeting the needs of the project and diversion goals. Deciding to divert a mock-up during construction can cause repercussions with site constraints, weather-sensitive materials, and project needs, that may not allow the mock-up to be donated fully built.

Construction Type

wood framed

Project Type

multi-family housing


Portland, Oregon




LMC Construction

Conversion By

LMC Construction, & Veteran Village volunteers


Human Solutions & Gerding Edlen



Construction / Conversion



Oct 2020

Project Timeline

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