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Case Study #6

photo credit: Jacob Peel, BORA.


Being one of the first mock-ups we researched in 2017-18, this mock-up posed an interesting question about how to repurpose when the mock-up was already built on a concrete slab floor. The Architect and Contractor were motivated to understand the feasibility and potential, and removed the slab from the walled structure. The Contractor stored this within their storage yard for almost a year, before we realized it couldn't be reused due to water damage and size.

Mock-Up Drawings

drawings and permission by BORA

Key Takeaways

Conversion: Lack of preplanning for conversion and timeline to coordinate material donations and volunteers. Thus, ultimately went to the landfill.

Storage: Getting the mock-up from the construction site directly to the village or local hub increases the success of repurposing the material, because transportation costs are high, and we do not want to transport twice.

Construction Type

wood framed

Project Type



Tigard, Oregon




TS Grey Construction

Conversion By

not completed


Tigard-Tualatin School District



Mock-up diverted to Contractor's storage yard, but ultimately not able to reuse due to weather damage. 

Not Diverted

Project Timeline

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