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Ash & 124

Case Study #5

photo credit: Useful Waste Initiative


Also known as WyEast Plaza apartments, this project brings affordable housing to SE Portland.

Mock-Up Drawings

drawings and permission by AMA

Key Takeaways

Cost: Mock-up allowance $30,000
Contractor coordination: Walsh took the lead and executed the transportation and delivery completely from start to finish. This level of involvement was amazing and allowed Walsh to visit the site prior to delivery and work through potential problems before they arose.

Equipment: With reflection of the delivery process, more information on the exact mock-up location and village access would have been helpful to secure the most appropriate forklift equipment for the tight space.

Ability to Readjust: Public Interest Design (PID) work needs to be nimble and adjust as needed when new problems or information arise. On the day of delivery, the public streets directly in front of the C3PO village on Water Avenue was torn up. PBOT was working on the road, which caused the team to re-route the mock-up around the entire parking area, to get the mock-up in the correct place. This added time to delivery and on-site coordination.

Construction Type

wood framed

Project Type

multi-family housing


Portland, Oregon


Ankrom Mosian


Walsh Construction

Conversion By

Walsh Construction






December 2020

Project construction team fully converted mock-up with donations from subcontractors prior to donation


January 2021

Walsh construction transported and sited mock-up at C3PO village

Project Timeline

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