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4th & Montgomery

Case Study #1

photo credit: Useful Waste Initiative


As a commercial project in an urban area, this eight-story shared office building brings together Portland State University, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland Community College, and the City of Portland. The building aims to foster collaboration between all partners focused on enhancing sustainable and responsible development in Portland.

This project used Integrated Project Delivery, which allowed close communication and coordination among the full project team. This delivery style benefited both the project and mock-up, supported the team to work through complex details, and it facilitated personal relationships to build which aided the effort to divert the mock-up.

The mock-up had intensive QA/QC review to ensure the mock-up met the visual and performance criteria necessary for the project. The mock-up represents the full height window of the primary building with a metal panel angle that matches the building geometry. The Architect noted that if the mock-up was not intended for donation, the mock-up would have been larger measuring at 16 feet tall, to be an exact representation of the building.

Mock-Up Drawings

drawings and permission by: SRG Partnership

Key Takeaways

Scope of Work: The project benefited from the full building enclosure being included in the Bid Set. This allowed all materials and structural elements for the exterior envelope to be priced accurately and accounted for.

Construction Champion: The project superintendent was a key advocate for having the mock-up completely finished for donation as a sleeping pod. This allowed all finishes to be coordinated with the Subcontractors and the Andersen Foundation.

Mock-up Built Off-site: It was successful to have the mock-up built off-site in the Contractor’s yard, both for maintaining site space in the urban area, and for building the complete sleeping pod in tandem to the primary building.

Construction Type

steel framing

Project Type



Portland, Oregon


SRG Partnership


Andersen Construction

Conversion By

Andersen Construction & Anderson Foundation





  • SRG advocates for material diversion

  • Project team sets goal to reduce waste and contacts CPID

  • Owner signs agreement to donate

  • DD phase: Contract document set with mock-up dwgs sent to contractor for pricing

  • DD phase: SRG sends mock-up drawings to CPID for review

Construction / Conversion


  • Project team fills out liability waiver

  • Contractor maintains and protects mock-up

  • CPID team coordinates location and scheduling of conversion build


September 2020

  • Mock-up donated in fully built out form and no additional work needed

Project Timeline

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